Friday, January 30, 2009

hi there! 
oh, it is such a beautiful day here in california ~ 
i thought i'd invite you all in for a bit!

come on...
i even made cupcakes! 
and i have to say - a cupcake is 
just not a cupcake without a topper! 
i made these barbie ones myself : ) 

i have such a love of collecting - 
funny ....i can never have just one or two of anything i like - 
i have to have LOTS ! 
these are one of my favorite collections - 
my bride and groom wedding cake toppers. 
i especially fall for the vintage ones, 
i find myself fantasizing about the couple and 
wonder what the wedding was like.....
and can't help but think "i wonder what they are doing now?"
aren't they sweet! 
oh - and the framed pic above is of my hubby's 
aunt and uncles wedding pic - they used it 
for the cover image for their 25th anniversary party invite! 
i love it! 

and another one of my true loves are 
sock moneys! 
i love the way each one of them has their own personality
and style. 
i am thrilled to see them gain popularity again! 
but my heart flips for the old handmade ones. 
i can just see the mommas and grandmas sewing 
them by hand with love in their hears!
i promise to share more of my sock monkey 
collection with you later ...
i think i have about 200 of them : ) 

thanks for stopping by! 
hope to see you again soon! 
kisses and cupcakes, 

Thursday, January 29, 2009

hi everyone! 
i am sooo excited to be here and to start my blog. 
i'm quite the newbie and welcome any advice!  
some of you out there are sooo good - it's hard not 
to be intimidated  !
looking forward to sharing some of the loves of my life - 
my adorable family - my love of decorating and collecting - dieting support 
- discussing what my bff oprah is up to - learning how to still be fabulous 
on all our new budgets!   oh  - and shoes and purses and cupcakes, 
of course!