Sunday, February 22, 2009

and the oscar goes to......

i just LOVE the academy awards.... 
they really are better than the superbowl! 
superbowl is more beer and hotwings.... 
and the oscars are a total wine and cheese kind of night!
my girlfriend vicki and her daughter presley dress up red carpet 
style every year and just feel fabulous watching them from 
their couch! 
isn't that the cutest idea : ) 
i started saving all our movie tickets years ago.... 
i can't believe how many we have seen! 
and how many bad ones....
we started making a point of seeing them at our local 
cheepie theater now - that way when they suck - 
we don't feel so bad since we only paid $1 to see it! 
still...the best part of all the movies is talking about 
it in the car on the way home !! 
cranberrie is in film school and we end up discussing the entire movie 
for hours!  i love it!  
i am going to a little oscar party tonight at my cute friend 
jean-louise's house ( i love her is SOOO cute! ) 
i found this recipe for banana cupcakes, 
i think i will make them for tonight..... 
isn't finding recipes on-line fun!   i have found some of my favs that way!
i'll let you know how they turn out.... 
i bet they will  be delish with some...
cranberrie says if there is any movie justice - 
sean penn and milk will win everything!
i just saw the last 10 minutes and cried and cried and cried. 
but a good cry : ) 
know what i mean? 

enjoy the night! 
kisses and cupcakes, 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

my cutie is home sick....

my daughter cranberrie called me from school - 
her nurse said to come get her - 
i thought she must have missed some homework 
or just wanted to come home and  watch some trashy 
daytime t.v. with me : ) 
( we love maury and the "you are not the father!" dance ) 
but when i got there - 
her little cheeks were bright red and yes - 
she has a fever
yes - my guilt has set in...
this is my baby at 6 with her monkeys 
and this was my baby two months ago in 
san francisco : ) 
enjoy the time moms - as it flies faster than 
you ever realize! 
well, i think she wants the heating pad on her back 
and maybe a cupcake! 
( you should see the ones my husband made yesterday! )
hope you all are good! 
kisses and cupcakes, 

Monday, February 16, 2009

collecting children's books

i just love collecting children's books - 
especially the vintage ones i remember reading as a child
syd hoff was always a favorite! 
remember....he also wrote
"danny and the dinosaur" 
but i always loved grizzwold : ) 
when my nephew had a baby - 
i just had to make them this baby quilt!
my son found syd's address on the internet years ago - 
so i wrote to him and sent him my original copy of his book - 
and look ! 
he autographed it just for me : ) 
i soon found out he passed away just a few 
months after he took the time to write me back. 
he was 91 !
i will forever cherish it!
here is a little bookshelf i have at the top of my staircase- 
filled with a few of my favs! 
mary poppins, little black sambo, curious george....
and i flipped when i found this old "nutshell library" 
of old maurice sendak stories.... 
and awwww.....  just look at cranberrie when she was so little!
am i not the luckiest mom in the whole world!
another fav is richard scarry - 
i grew up just reading all his books!
and just look at this little classic - illustrated by richard scarry! 
i am watching this one on ebay --- 
i hope i get it!
well - hope you enjoyed another little tour - 
henny penny just told me apparently 
the sky is falling....
i'm off to tell the king! 
kisses and cupcakes, 

Friday, February 13, 2009

happy valentines day !!

hi everyone! 
hope you all have a wonderful valentines day! 
just thought i'd give ya a peek around the house : ) 

here is another one of my sock money creations....
i made this for a friends baby - 
and ended up making one for myself too!
since i am trying to be thrifty...
i made my centerpiece this year out of big twigs 
from my neighbors tree! 
found little heart ornaments half price at michales - 
tied on ribbons a raffia i already had - 
and propped up two monkeys in love. 
i love the way she is leaning on him....
and presto! 
i just love it : )  
total cost.... $ 1.99
one of my previous presents was this painting my 
hubby made for me when my son was little...
a big heart made out of my son's footprints and surrounded 
by my hubby's hand prints : ) 
isn't it sweet!
and i always put out this favorite pic of my mom and dad : ) 
being a child of divorce - i just love it - 
my sister just cracks up and says 
"don't you know they hated each other!" 
i suppose she has a point.....
hahahaha - but i still love it!
and every holiday - i always top my lamps with 
the holiday colors! 
from my ribbon stash... so it's always free and makes the whole house 
look cute! 
and ya gotta love my shiney .99 cent store banner : )
well...i suppose i am going to go have coffee on the porch with 
my valentine of 20 years....
oh!  one more thing i just have to share! 
got my latest issue of country living in the mail yesterday....
and it had the coolest pic interview with dylan 
from the famous "dylan's candy shop" 
and i just fell in love with her little dresses made from 
candy wrappers!  
i soooo want these - aren't they fab!
i thought the candy fit in with my valentines theme too...
well - hope you enjoyed my little tour - 
have a happy valentines day!
kisses and cupcakes, 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

if dark roots aren't a sign of the recession, i don't know what is!

well, i don't have to be an economist to 
realize it - 
folks the recession is officially here!
you know how i know - 
oh, it's not the fact half the homes on my street are in foreclosure, 
or that unemployment is at an all time high - 
it's all my friends  
apparently we need to hit the salon 
a little less often. 
after all - no one is talking about 
how low gas and grocery prices have gotten!
i have pledged to do my part....
i can kiss this part of my life good-bye for a while. 
i will miss mr. paul. 
so i have been contemplating....
this can't be my only option, 
can it? 
i thought about going to the bikini cuts shop. 
just to really feel bad about my self. 
maybe i should put in an application  : ) 
i am sure there is some guy with thinning hair who will 
appreciate my cellulite and lack of formal cosmetology experience. that mr. paul in that chair? 
oh well, i suppose i am off to walgreens with an 
expired coupon. 
perhaps they will take a little pity on me.
i don't know about you, 
but i am calling it what it is - 
a depression! 
as me and my dark roots are 
simply depressed. 
prozac anyone? 

kisses and cucakes, 

Friday, February 6, 2009

homemade sock monkey overalls!

hi there! 
one of my favorite ways to relax is to sew. 
and i love making custom overalls for kids! 
my favorite theme....? 
SOCK MONKEYS, of course! 
here is a little peek at just a few 
of my custom creations - 
hope you like 'em! 

i did this peek-a-boo sock monkey 
on the back of a little jacket! 
this is a little sweet girl that i did on a jean 
dress !  
personally, this pirate sock monkey is my 
all time favorite!  
the mom i made it for says everytime her son wears it, 
they get constant compliments all day! 
i love it! 
after our trip to hawaii - i just had to 
do a hula girl !
i made this cute couple for a friend for 
valentines day!  
sock monkey love - ya just can't beat it!
and this is a jean jacket i made for myself : ) 
it has all different sock moneys all around the bottom - 
even in the front! 

well, that's a little peek at some of my 
hope you liked it! 
talk to you soon! 
kisses and cupcakes, 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a quick little walk around the block.....

hi there! 
i am lucky enough to live in a beautiful 
little historical neighborhood hidden in the 
middle of a very big california city - 
welcome to 
we just love the homes here !
i thought i would show you a quick few...

we call this the "swirly house" 
notice the swirls painted on the house! 
it is just full of personality - 
and notice the 'jack skellington'  - 
it is FABULOUS! 
i thought i would give you a closer look 
at jack  : ) 
wouldn't it be such fun to come home and be welcomed 
by him everyday!  being a "nightmare before christmas" 
fan - i just flip every time i see this!  
this is another little house around the corner - 
i love the colors and the roof! 
and the sweet pink roses between the houses - 
they always say 
"good fences make good neighbors"
i think they must be rather lovely neighbors. 
isn't it pretty? 
well that's all for now - 
i am still trying to figure out all this html and 
how to post pics!  
hope you enjoyed my little tour! 
kisses and cupcakes,