Sunday, February 22, 2009

and the oscar goes to......

i just LOVE the academy awards.... 
they really are better than the superbowl! 
superbowl is more beer and hotwings.... 
and the oscars are a total wine and cheese kind of night!
my girlfriend vicki and her daughter presley dress up red carpet 
style every year and just feel fabulous watching them from 
their couch! 
isn't that the cutest idea : ) 
i started saving all our movie tickets years ago.... 
i can't believe how many we have seen! 
and how many bad ones....
we started making a point of seeing them at our local 
cheepie theater now - that way when they suck - 
we don't feel so bad since we only paid $1 to see it! 
still...the best part of all the movies is talking about 
it in the car on the way home !! 
cranberrie is in film school and we end up discussing the entire movie 
for hours!  i love it!  
i am going to a little oscar party tonight at my cute friend 
jean-louise's house ( i love her is SOOO cute! ) 
i found this recipe for banana cupcakes, 
i think i will make them for tonight..... 
isn't finding recipes on-line fun!   i have found some of my favs that way!
i'll let you know how they turn out.... 
i bet they will  be delish with some...
cranberrie says if there is any movie justice - 
sean penn and milk will win everything!
i just saw the last 10 minutes and cried and cried and cried. 
but a good cry : ) 
know what i mean? 

enjoy the night! 
kisses and cupcakes, 


  1. That sounds like so much fun!


  2. Thanks so much for stopping by and I'm glad you enjoyed the shopping trip. By the way, that was a great neighborhood of charming homes several blogs ago! Linda

  3. Hi Linda! How charming and cute your blog is! I love your Monkey inspired transformed into clothing. How sweet they all are! I've always loved the friend had one growing up., I never had one. So, I've decided I must get my grandchildren one for here to play with. I bought an ornament at Christmas for the tree as a sock monkey. ;) ~CC Catherine from "Catherine de th`e Cups"

  4. hey save those tickets- never know they may be worth a lot of money someday!

    have a wonderful day,

    from One Day at a Time/ Reflections

  5. I LOVE that you saved all of those movie tickets! What a great memory to have and a great piece of ephemera!! Jen