Friday, February 13, 2009

happy valentines day !!

hi everyone! 
hope you all have a wonderful valentines day! 
just thought i'd give ya a peek around the house : ) 

here is another one of my sock money creations....
i made this for a friends baby - 
and ended up making one for myself too!
since i am trying to be thrifty...
i made my centerpiece this year out of big twigs 
from my neighbors tree! 
found little heart ornaments half price at michales - 
tied on ribbons a raffia i already had - 
and propped up two monkeys in love. 
i love the way she is leaning on him....
and presto! 
i just love it : )  
total cost.... $ 1.99
one of my previous presents was this painting my 
hubby made for me when my son was little...
a big heart made out of my son's footprints and surrounded 
by my hubby's hand prints : ) 
isn't it sweet!
and i always put out this favorite pic of my mom and dad : ) 
being a child of divorce - i just love it - 
my sister just cracks up and says 
"don't you know they hated each other!" 
i suppose she has a point.....
hahahaha - but i still love it!
and every holiday - i always top my lamps with 
the holiday colors! 
from my ribbon stash... so it's always free and makes the whole house 
look cute! 
and ya gotta love my shiney .99 cent store banner : )
well...i suppose i am going to go have coffee on the porch with 
my valentine of 20 years....
oh!  one more thing i just have to share! 
got my latest issue of country living in the mail yesterday....
and it had the coolest pic interview with dylan 
from the famous "dylan's candy shop" 
and i just fell in love with her little dresses made from 
candy wrappers!  
i soooo want these - aren't they fab!
i thought the candy fit in with my valentines theme too...
well - hope you enjoyed my little tour - 
have a happy valentines day!
kisses and cupcakes, 


  1. I LOVE sock monkeys!! I have two. :)

    I'll be glad to add you! Thanks for the Valentine tip! :)

  2. Hi Amy,
    So nice to see a new name on my site. My friend has a sock monkey which she is pretty sure is alive. Ha. OK maybe they are.
    Thank you for your nice comments on my site, I have a lot of fun posting pictures, and I'm always amazed that anyone is interested.

  3. Hi Amy,
    It's Linda from Kindlelight Blessings. Thanks for visiting my site. I'm having a ball meeting new people. Love your blog. I add you to mine, and keep in touch. Happy Valentines Day,

  4. hey sweets,
    eeek i love all the sock monkeys!!! so cute.
    happy hearts day!

  5. Your Blog is as amazing as you are! I love it and look forward to reading more. Love the photos. You are so creative and, ok, maybe slightly obsessed with sock monkeys, but hey, it could be worse, right?
    Thanks for all your kindness. U R the best!

  6. Oh, and happy Valentines day to you, cranberrie and your hunky husband.

  7. I'm awaitin' on the porch with JAVA!!!

    Love's ya!

  8. Hey Amy.....luv your blog!! My great grandma made sock monkeys...thanks for the flash down memory lane. I especially like that you have music on your page!! Job well done. I'll be stopping by quite often I'm sure. :O)

    Enjoy your Valentine's with your hubby and Cranberrie!!!

    Peace & Luv from Wisconsin

  9. Your bio made me laugh like crazy! I love the sock monkeys. My youngest son has sock monkey pajamas and a sock monkey robe (it's good to torture little boys with cuteness before they go getting all manly on you}. I loved the cake tops. I have my parents (my sister finally coughed it up and I didn't even have to put her in a headlock to get it). In the famous words of Arnold..."I'll be back" (could you hear the accent?). Just love your blog.

  10. Love the heart painting! I would probably hang that up year round, its fabulous!

  11. Hi Amy!
    Your sock monkeys are ADORABLE!! So creative & cute! And what a treasure the pink heart is - such a great idea! I love your blog & thanks so much for visiting mine!

    Happy belated Valentines Day!

  12. Thank you for visiting my blog...I LOVE.....LOVE your sock monkeys!!!! I need to keep digging for more :)