Friday, February 6, 2009

homemade sock monkey overalls!

hi there! 
one of my favorite ways to relax is to sew. 
and i love making custom overalls for kids! 
my favorite theme....? 
SOCK MONKEYS, of course! 
here is a little peek at just a few 
of my custom creations - 
hope you like 'em! 

i did this peek-a-boo sock monkey 
on the back of a little jacket! 
this is a little sweet girl that i did on a jean 
dress !  
personally, this pirate sock monkey is my 
all time favorite!  
the mom i made it for says everytime her son wears it, 
they get constant compliments all day! 
i love it! 
after our trip to hawaii - i just had to 
do a hula girl !
i made this cute couple for a friend for 
valentines day!  
sock monkey love - ya just can't beat it!
and this is a jean jacket i made for myself : ) 
it has all different sock moneys all around the bottom - 
even in the front! 

well, that's a little peek at some of my 
hope you liked it! 
talk to you soon! 
kisses and cupcakes, 


  1. Those are just totally adorable!

  2. They are too CUTE! Just makes ya smile! Found your blog through Daisy Cottage blog roll. I am a thrifty mom of a 17 yo teen daughter! So stop by.

  3. Amy, these are just adorable! Thanks for visiting me today.
    xo Lidy

  4. Love these! You are such a talent with those sock monkeys!!!~~~XXOO, Beth

  5. Ever make big girl overalls? Im thinking the pirate one would look really cute on me!

  6. Do you take orders? I would love to get a pair for my 2 year old. Her name is Emma and she has named her sock monkey Emma Sue. :)

  7. I would like to place an order. How can I order a pair of overalls?