Tuesday, February 10, 2009

if dark roots aren't a sign of the recession, i don't know what is!

well, i don't have to be an economist to 
realize it - 
folks the recession is officially here!
you know how i know - 
oh, it's not the fact half the homes on my street are in foreclosure, 
or that unemployment is at an all time high - 
it's all my friends  
apparently we need to hit the salon 
a little less often. 
after all - no one is talking about 
how low gas and grocery prices have gotten!
i have pledged to do my part....
i can kiss this part of my life good-bye for a while. 
i will miss mr. paul. 
so i have been contemplating....
this can't be my only option, 
can it? 
i thought about going to the bikini cuts shop. 
just to really feel bad about my self. 
maybe i should put in an application  : ) 
i am sure there is some guy with thinning hair who will 
appreciate my cellulite and lack of formal cosmetology experience. 
wait....is that mr. paul in that chair? 
oh well, i suppose i am off to walgreens with an 
expired coupon. 
perhaps they will take a little pity on me.
i don't know about you, 
but i am calling it what it is - 
a depression! 
as me and my dark roots are 
simply depressed. 
prozac anyone? 

kisses and cucakes, 


  1. Ohhhhh, I am so glad I am not the only one! Though I have been contemplating getting rid of my cable TV for my hair...that sounds so shallow, but, well, its true...sigh. I better leave another comment on another post to redeem myself!

  2. I stopped coloring mine a few years ago. Now everyone thinks I am BLONDE instead of a redhead! I grew up with auburn hair! Now there is so much gray people asked me if I had it highlighted. I colored it myself for YEARS! Then again, my mom is a hairdresser and STILL works at 73! My dad also was a barber/hairdresser; he passed years ago or I bet he'd still be cutting old mens hair and catching up on the town gossip!

  3. Wow!!! I've been coloring my hair for years....and I'm just sick of all the maintenance. I've decided to go au natural....with my natural "highlights". Although the gal that cuts my hair says maybe instead of permanant color, I should just do highlights to blend the gray. Of course, that would just need more maintenance. I may try it once just to see if I like it or not. Ok, time to quite babbling here.

  4. Very, very funny AND true!! Thanks for popping in today! It's great to meet you. Welcome to Bloggyland!! You're going to love it (probably too much!!)

  5. I'll do yours if you do mine.