Wednesday, February 18, 2009

my cutie is home sick....

my daughter cranberrie called me from school - 
her nurse said to come get her - 
i thought she must have missed some homework 
or just wanted to come home and  watch some trashy 
daytime t.v. with me : ) 
( we love maury and the "you are not the father!" dance ) 
but when i got there - 
her little cheeks were bright red and yes - 
she has a fever
yes - my guilt has set in...
this is my baby at 6 with her monkeys 
and this was my baby two months ago in 
san francisco : ) 
enjoy the time moms - as it flies faster than 
you ever realize! 
well, i think she wants the heating pad on her back 
and maybe a cupcake! 
( you should see the ones my husband made yesterday! )
hope you all are good! 
kisses and cupcakes, 


  1. I wanna see the cupcakes your hubby made yesterday!!

  2. Your daughter was beautiful then and now. You are so right, the time flies so quickly. ♥

  3. Your baby should be a model! Gorgeous! Hope she is feeling better, and thanks for the comment on Mommedy...

    I just use the royal icing recipe in the Wilton every time! I will send it to you soon! I am a cupcake FREAK! My friend's friend just opened Cupcake Love near us (Solana Beach?). Doing brisk business.

  4. BTW, after reading your profile, I think we have parallel lives...glad my Yorkie only weighs 4 lbs....tootsie rolls are not too hard to deal with. Suze Orman said to STOP SPENDING MONEY AND SAVE EVERYTHING. Yeah, right. My hobbie is collecting receipts, according to my hubby! Yikes!

  5. Amen! The time sure does fly. My babies are growing up so fast. Your baby has grown into a beautiful young lady...Hope you always are blessed with a close relationship. :)

  6. this one made me cry!!! i so want my children to be young again ! love tina