Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a quick little walk around the block.....

hi there! 
i am lucky enough to live in a beautiful 
little historical neighborhood hidden in the 
middle of a very big california city - 
welcome to 
we just love the homes here !
i thought i would show you a quick few...

we call this the "swirly house" 
notice the swirls painted on the house! 
it is just full of personality - 
and notice the 'jack skellington'  - 
it is FABULOUS! 
i thought i would give you a closer look 
at jack  : ) 
wouldn't it be such fun to come home and be welcomed 
by him everyday!  being a "nightmare before christmas" 
fan - i just flip every time i see this!  
this is another little house around the corner - 
i love the colors and the roof! 
and the sweet pink roses between the houses - 
they always say 
"good fences make good neighbors"
i think they must be rather lovely neighbors. 
isn't it pretty? 
well that's all for now - 
i am still trying to figure out all this html and 
how to post pics!  
hope you enjoyed my little tour! 
kisses and cupcakes, 

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  1. Oh...I am ready to move! What a fabulous neighborhood feeling! And in SoCal...what a dream!