Wednesday, March 4, 2009

do you ever wonder if the ice cream man hears that music in his head at night?

so i don't know about the rest of the country... 
but it has been so nice here lately! 
as a matter of fact - the ice cream man is rather busy
: ) 
since my little girl cranberrie turns 15 today 
( Really!  where does the time go? ) 
i have been having fun memories of her and the
ice cream trucks that we have visited in her little life...
trust me - she hears one and goes runnin'
with me lagging behind with quarters : ) 
here she is about 5 years old - 
i believe she was a ninja turtle popsicle fan then .... 

this is her this summer - 
she loves this one lady who drives a funky van and 
always has her little dog with her ! 
isn't that cute! 
my hubby thinks we should call the health dept. - but 
i am a dog lover - i can't help but love it!
she picked out this popsicle for her daddy - 
i believe she has graduated to choco-tacos now that 
she is all mature....hahaha! 
we really are a popsicle family - 
wanna see my "otter pop" tattoo? 

as much as i love the ice cream trucks -
i even entertain the idea of starting a company of 
gourmet fancy-smanchy kind of stuff - 
also with gelato and cupcakes.....
in pink little trucks - 
wouldn't that be fabulous!! 
but i can't help but think  that music has to drive them crazy - 
gosh - 10 minutes of it down my street and i am ready 
to kill myself  ; ) 
i think i'd have to play classical music .... 
whadda ya think? 

kisses and cupcakes, 


  1. You go girl!! I would SOOOO buy fancy ice cream from a cute, pink,frufru truck!
    Blessings- LillySue
    P.S. Tattoo is very original!

  2. What a cute story! The ice cream truck was a fav of my kids too. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I haven't had a chance to try to ice cream yet...but I've heard the Samoas kind is to die for! :)

  4. Otter pops! Very cute. I want the Wonder Bread logo on my ass ... you will be the second to see it!

  5. What a cute blog. As an Ice Cream driver for the past four years or so I can tell that the music stays in your heart not your head. People always ask that question, I always say I have tuned it out. Really... I love my job and seeing the smile I bring to so many people puts the spark in my fire!