Monday, March 23, 2009

some of my favorite things to frame....

hi everyone! 
i just thought i would share with you guys 
some of my favorite things i've framed around my 
why, some of my favorite art work, is really not
such serious artwork afterall.....

my daughter cranberrie drew this for me and my husband 
on our 12th wedding anniversary - 
gosh!  we are about to celebrate our 20th! 
we got married in central park, ny - and 
i think she made some rather cute references.... 
pretty good for a 6 year old, huh? 

another thing i love is my mom's old class picture from her 
3rd grade.
she used to tell me all the stories about each kid and i was 
soooo fascinated! 
this had to be 1944 
in dayton, ohio
there she is - top row, 4th from the left - 
she told me how her father took her to the 
dime store and they picked out her dress for picture day! 
is that sweet or what!
another thing i love to frame is simple children's books! 
some of the artwork is just to die for !
i found this one at a yard sale for 25 cents and 
HAD to have it for my kitchen! 
and in my $3 walmart frame 
it's perfect!
everyone who sees it wants it for their kitchen 
another fav of mine is to frame postcards - 
i just found this one of elvis and just love the expression on his face. 
and i am not even an elvis fan  : ) 
it's on my fridge for now - i am looking for the right frame!
another one of my mom ( i miss her! ) 
this is her only baby picture of her and
i sooo treasure it - 
sure with i had that bassinet today!
when we first bought our house - i went on-line to 
do some research about our new city - and 
found lots of fabulous pics of old buildings from our town
i of course had to print and frame this old one! 
could you just imagine getting ice cream from this one
in 1920!
another thing i love to do is frame cute stuff from magazines! 
i adore this pic of gary allen and thought it was perfect in 
this frame : )
and i saved this old classic gap ad featuring 
andy warhol -
it shows him walking in new york and just says
"andy warhol wore kakis" 
i think it is simple and fabulous at the same time!
and last but not least - i love to frame all the kids photos i get every 
year in christmas cards : ) 
this is my fav of my twin niece and nephew - 
matthew and katherine!
oh...i just wanna pinch their cheeks!
( i think i'll start doing that actually - hahaha! ) 
well, that's all for now - 
hope you know that you don't have to only frame 
expensive pictures around your house to have 
some fun! 

kisses and cupcakes, 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

do you ever wonder if the ice cream man hears that music in his head at night?

so i don't know about the rest of the country... 
but it has been so nice here lately! 
as a matter of fact - the ice cream man is rather busy
: ) 
since my little girl cranberrie turns 15 today 
( Really!  where does the time go? ) 
i have been having fun memories of her and the
ice cream trucks that we have visited in her little life...
trust me - she hears one and goes runnin'
with me lagging behind with quarters : ) 
here she is about 5 years old - 
i believe she was a ninja turtle popsicle fan then .... 

this is her this summer - 
she loves this one lady who drives a funky van and 
always has her little dog with her ! 
isn't that cute! 
my hubby thinks we should call the health dept. - but 
i am a dog lover - i can't help but love it!
she picked out this popsicle for her daddy - 
i believe she has graduated to choco-tacos now that 
she is all mature....hahaha! 
we really are a popsicle family - 
wanna see my "otter pop" tattoo? 

as much as i love the ice cream trucks -
i even entertain the idea of starting a company of 
gourmet fancy-smanchy kind of stuff - 
also with gelato and cupcakes.....
in pink little trucks - 
wouldn't that be fabulous!! 
but i can't help but think  that music has to drive them crazy - 
gosh - 10 minutes of it down my street and i am ready 
to kill myself  ; ) 
i think i'd have to play classical music .... 
whadda ya think? 

kisses and cupcakes,