Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hi my cutie pies!
it's been way too long since i blogged and hot dang!! i have missed it!
too much to catch up on today, but expect some fabulous adventures to be posted soon....
so today i thought i would share my latest project
- my Disneyland Quilt!
i am so excited, have done so much in just one should come along nicely.
this is my largest one to date.... but i am sick of small quilts that my feet stick out under from - hahahaha!! i'll post pics as i progress!

and here is the pic that i saw that inspired me.... have i mentioned what a big Disneyland fan i am? it's my home away from home....

the plans are coming together... and yes, i still do all my planning on graph paper - old skool baby, all the way !
here is what i have started so far today.... it's a lot of work and ya know what - i am LOOOOVING it !! but i worry i need more variety of disney fabrics - but i am trying to use up the stuff i already have - i have sooo much!!
and finally here is my work station - who can get clever in a clean spot?! not me! i need stimulus and threads stuck all over my pants ; )
well, that's it for now - what projects have you started lately?
have a fantastic week-end and thanks for reading....
kisses and cupcakes,

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